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16.02.2024 - DEKONSTRUKTOR - DEATH BEAT is out.

Starting with the oppressive wall of metal audio violence, the album turns into a minimalist, industrial trance and concludes with a hypnotic contemplation of death. Harsh doom sounding combined with deep perforations into electronic territories.

12.11.2021 Thy Grave - Filth cassette out now. Sludge doom from urban depths of Russia. Painful breakdown of life, echoes of total desolation.

01.10.2021 - Megalith Levitation - Void Psalms cassette out now. New monolith album from Ural mystics. Acid doom heaviness takes beyond forms and conceptions.

06.09.2021 - The second full-length of mighty Megalith Levitation - Void Psalms will be released on cassettes on October 1st, 2021.


30.11.2020 - Спидвич - Мёртвая голова (Spidvich - Death's Head) cassette out now. War metalpunk dedicated to eternal trip of Aimo Koivunen.

04.11.2019 - The Crawling Chaos - Стерилизация преданных слуг (The sterilization of devoted servants) cassette finally released. More info in Releases section.

16.05.2019 - The Crawling Chaos - Стерилизация преданных слуг EP to be released this summer.

22.03.2019 - Dekonstruktor - Lives in Ukraine '17/18 cassette (Pestis 014) out now. Check Releases section for more info.

08.04.2018 - Dekonstruktor - No Way Back cassette out now

19.02.2018 - Dekonstruktor - No Way Back cassette to be released soon. The second album, sank deeper in acid metal pulse

26.07.2017 - Oneirine - I/II [SAMPLER 2017] Pestis 012/KLLG025 out now!!! Noise rearguard, grinding trance and beats beyond the horizon. Two acts of underground maxillofacial surgery. Nearby Hey Colossus, Yoga, German Oak. Joint tape release from Pestis Insaniae and Kill Ego.

10.10.2016 - Nunslaughter- "Sins of the Father" and Morbosidad - "Enterrados Vivos en la Tumba de Moscow" releases have been published on the label's bandcamp page and available for order. Support the underground.

Sins of Father

Entrarrados vivos en la tumba de Moscow

21.09.2016 - The label's distro from this date consists of tapes and unique releases on other formats only.

31.12.2015 - Keeslie Meeni compilation released. This is the compilation from Moscow-based underground metal-noise circle (Dekonstruktor, Morskie Schiwotniye, IATEMYSELF, Igor, Sdoba, CXXXVII, Imago, Kosmopoisk). Raw, acid and freaky bands, which had created their own scene and sound surrounded by technological temples and other abandoned holes of the russian capital. Very limited edition to 111 CD's.

11.05.2015 - "Keeslie Meeni' (Acid Mines) compilation to be released this Summer. Exclusive tracks from Moscow lo-fi underground residents, such as Igor, Dekonstruktor, Kosmopoisk, Sdoba, Morskie Schiwotnie.

29.01.2015 - Dekonstruktor -Fuck Life We Go Futher tape was been released few weeks ago and it's still available. Banner of black'n'white nihilism: spining heavy march in vein of Hellhammer and Amebix in the beginning combined with mechanical opium contemplation till the end. New visions of Dekonstruktor within life-death ritual.

17.09.2014 - Dekonstruktor - Fuck Life We Go Further tape to be released via Pestis Insaniae. 20+ minutes of raw dirty metal. More details soon.

30.08.2014 - Finally after years of delay out now! Morbosidad live album "Enterrados Vivos en la Tumba de Moscow" recorded with one of the strongest band's lineups during theirs first European mini-tour in May, 2009. Really raw but professional soundboard recording.

14.01.2014 - Morbosidad live CD "Enterrados Vivos en la Tumba de Moscow" to be released in few weeks.

12.11.2013 - Few extra copies of Nunslaughter die-hard were found. Price is 25 Eur/38 USD (including registered airmail postage everywhere). Check out photos here.

19.10.2013 - Old Sea and Mother Serpent - Chthonic digiCD out now!

Debut stuff from promising psyhedelic doom disciples.

24.09.2013 - New Doom release from Pestis Insaniae - Old Sea and Mother Serpent - "Chtonic" (Epic Stoner Doom) to be released this October. The album will be presented at Tune Low/Play Slow festival on the 19-20-th of October.

01.07.2013 - We're proud to release the new masterpiece from russian lo-fi drugmagicians the Moon Mistress. This time - Simla EP - boundless extasy mixed with spirit of Himachal Pradesh landscapes.

Primitive CDr limited to 71 copies.

Taste the smoke: https://themoonmistress.bandcamp.com/

Order Simla EP via band's bigcartel: https://themoonmistress.bigcartel.com/

02.05.2013 - New EP from The Moon Mistress (very limited CDr copies) to be released before summer tour in Europe.

01.05.2013 - Mailorder update
10.01.2013 - Finally! The Moon Mistress/Old One 7" split OUT NOW!! Exclusive tracks from both bands. The color of the vinyl varies from grey to orange, 33 rpm, 123 copies only. USD 9/RUB 300 without shipping.
10.09.2012 - The Moon Mistress/Old One 7" split out this Autumn! Limited to 123 copies.
30.03.2012 - Silent Voice Inside by the Moon Mistress OUT NOW!
14.02.2012 - The Moon Mistress debut album out in March
Prepare your ears for about an hour of lo-fi psychedelia disturbance, boneshaking low-end vibrations oozing with filth and drug-induced trance-like meditation over the course of nine songs. Having that very primaitive edge to it the record is going to stop your higher brain activity turning the listener into the devoted disciple worshipping the might of THE MOON MISTRESS.
15.02.2011 - the Moon Mistress/Snakerider - "Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands" split CD(limited to 500 copies) OUT NOW!
Debut stuff from promising psyhedelic doom disciples. 38 minutes of raw deep slow stoned tunes with underground atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Electric Wizard, Sleep, Ramesses.
01.11.2010 - New release(s) are in the works and hopefull will be unleashed soon. Meanwhile i started blog about new arrivals in mailorder(sorry in russian only).
04.02.2010 - Archgoat and Morbosidad tshirts made for theirs russian gig(s) are still available. New release will be unleashed soon.
19.08.2009 - New website is up and running.
15.05.2009 - Denial of God - The Horrors of Satan CD out pretty few weeks ago. As well as Morbosidad tshirts that was made for russian ritual and there is plenty left of those.
01.03.2009 - New release of Pestis Insaniae - Denial of God - The Horrors of Satan CD will be available in 1-2 weeks.
11.09.2008 - Pestis Insaniae is proud to announce that our label is the official distributor of the latest Nunslaughter's Piece of Blaspemy "Hex" in Russia.
14.08.2008 - Cotard Delusion - Le delire de Negation CD is OUT NOW!!!
12.08.2008 - Nunslaugher Die-Hard Editions is finally avaible. Price is 25Eur/38USD(including registered airmail postage everywhere). Check out photos here.
10.06.2008 - Few days ago i picked up repressed CDs, so all packages was shipped till now.. Die-Hard version should be out in the end of this month(no preorders accepted now, though if you are interested you can drop us email). And finally we got Necros Christos CD to our mailorder list. Dont miss this masterpiece of Occult Doomy Death Metal!!!
27.05.2008 - New printrun of Nunslaughter CDs should be there at 04.06.
22.05.2008 - FUKK! This morning I was listening CD that i got few days ago and found some extra noises at last tracks. I contacted/went to factory later, and them admitted that it was pressing fault. I dont want to sell/spread to anyone low quality CDs, and new "fixed" printrun will be in 2 weeks or less...
16.05.2008 - Temporary website up and running at pestis-insaniae.envy.nu. In one week i hope our new address www.pestisinsaniae.com will be finally working. Today i picked up Nunslaughter CDs from pressing plant. Check out photos here.