Pestis 014
Dekonstruktor - Lives in Ukraine '17/18 cassette

Professional recording of 2 live sets at Electric Meadow in Galicja (2017) and in Kharkiv(2018). Almost two hours of annihilation on both sides. Designed as a tribute to legendary metal bootlegs from 90-s. Limited to 55 copies.

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Pestis 013
Dekonstruktor - No Way Back cassette limited to 150 copys

Psychedelic trip through the depths of consciousness, eaten by the rust of insanity. There is no way back.
Pestis 012/KLLG025
Oneirine - I/II

Noise rearguard, grinding trance and beats beyond the horizon. Two acts of underground maxillofacial surgery. Nearby Hey Colossus, Yoga, German Oak. Joint tape release from Pestis Insaniae and Kill Ego.


This release is SOLD OUT
Pestis 011
Keeslie Meeni compilation CD (150 RUR/ 5 USD)

The compilation from Moscow-based underground metal-noise circle (Dekonstruktor, Morskie Schiwotniye, IATEMYSELF, Igor, Sdoba, CXXXVII, Imago, Kosmopoisk). Raw, acid and freaky bands, which had created their own scene and sound surrounded by technological temples and other abandoned holes of the russian capital. Very limited edition to 111 CD's
Keeslie Meeni on bandcamp
Pestis 010
Dekonstruktor - Fuck Life We Go Further cassete (150 RUR/4 USD)

Banner of black'n'white nihilism: spining heavy march in vein of Hellhammer and Amebix in the beginning combined with mechanical opium contemplation till the end. New visions of Dekonstruktor within life-death ritual.
Limited to 150 copies

Pestis 009
Morbosidad - Enterrados Vivos en la Tumba de Moscow CD (250 RUR /5 USD)

Live Ritual in Moscow. Merciless bestial Black/Death violence performed in 17 tracks, great lineup, chaotic support from the audience.
Limited to 500 copies
Enterrados Vivos en la Tumba de Moscow on bandcamp
Pestis 008
Old Sea and Mother Serpent - Chthonic digiCD (250 RUR/8 USD)

Monumental traditional Doom with stoner inclusions.
Limited to 500 copies
Pestis 007
The Moon Mistress - Simla EP CDr (4 USD/100 RUB)

New masterpiece from russian lo-fi drugmagicians the Moon Mistress.
This time - Simla EP - boundless extasy mixed with spirit of Himachal Pradesh landscapes. Primitive CDr limited to 71 copies.
Taste the smoke:
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Pestis 006
The Moon Mistress/Old One 7" split

Exclusive tracks from both bands. The color of the vinyl varies from grey to orange, 33 rpm.
Limited to 123 copies only

69 / Dr. Jim Mays on bandcamp SOLD OUT!!!
Pestis 005
The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice Inside CD (4 USD)

Prepare your ears for about an hour of lo-fi psychedelia disturbance, boneshaking low-end vibrations oozing with filth and drug-induced trance-like meditation over the course of nine songs. Having that very primaitive edge to it the record is going to stop your higher brain activity turning the listener into the devoted disciple worshipping the might of THE MOON MISTRESS.

Silent Voice Inside on bandcamp
Pestis 004
The Moon Mistress/Snakerider - Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands CD (4 USD)

Debut stuff from promising psyhedelic doom disciples. 38 minutes of raw deep slow stoned tunes with underground atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Electric Wizard,Sleep,Ramesses.
Limited to 500 copies

Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands on bandcamp
Pestis 003
Denial of God - The Horrors of Satan CD

Long-awaited debut album of Dannish horror black metal masters Denial of God! Over 50 minutes of unique sounding musick that was made by those veteran ghouls during last decade. Licensed from Horror Records/DOG, official re-release for ex-Soviet Union/Asia territories. This piece of Horror Metal comes with a 16 page booklet.
Limited to 506 copies
Pestis 002
Cotard Delusion - Le delire de Negation CD (5 USD)

Cotard Delusion(Black/Ambient) this is an excruciating journey to all concealed and hidden places of your mind. This is a journey to the depths of human's subconsciousnes. This is your journey to the mental death. And whatever will be, you have only one way.. Kill yourself.. to live..
Limited to 420 hand-numbered copies

Le delire de Negation on bandcamp
Pestis 001
Nunslaughter - Grehi Otza CD (6 USD)

Nunslaughter as Masters of Death metal doesnt needs any introductions. This is official compilation made by Don of the Dead comes with inlay made in Russian, though of course some copies will be avaible worldwide as well. CD includes material from all 3 LP, 7"EPs, splits, live recordings and 2 previously unreleased tracks.
Limited to 966 hand-numbered copies
Die-Hard edition limited to 50 copies - Sold out!!!

Sins of father on bandcamp
Archgoat - 20 Years of Satanic Black Metal TS

Limited to 100 copies. Sold out!!!
Morbosidad - Ritual of Hate TS

2 printruns 50 copies each. Both are Sold out!!!